Level 2 builds upon everything that was learned in Level 1 by introducing more advanced techniques that both enhance the professional quality of your instruction and helps to better internalize student learning.  You, as the instructor-student, are provided with more opportunities to explore and practice both the science and art of adult learning.  You are also exposed to the basics of instructional design.

Level 2 Prerequisites:

Level 2 Consists of:

Level II Intermediate Core Course (40-hours)

This course is designed to offer experienced teachers (with previous instructional skills training) new and enhanced understandings related to the active learner-focused classroom, facilitation skills, presentation skills, critical thinking skills, outcome-based learning, problem-based learning, handouts/job aids, and assessment of learning.  This course is the Level 2 of Instructor Development Institute (IDI) Program.

Instructional Technology

This is a fundamental course that introduces students to several different mediums that can be utilized to enhance student learning and acquire essential skills that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. Students will learn through hands-on experience in a highly active learning environment.

As of 10/19/2023, this course is not an optional course for all instructors but is not required in order to advance to IDI Level III.

Laptops are required for this course. iPads and tablets of any kind are not acceptable.

Topics will include:

  • Effective use of easel charts
  • Interactive props
  • PowerPoint/Keynote
  • Designing and editing training videos/media
  • Internet & Other resources
  • Effective Handouts
  • Photographic and video equipment
  • Interactive game technology
  • Other technology and resource use in the classroom

Instructional Technology Equivalency

The Instructional Technology course is an entry level course designed to familiarize instructors with the different types of technology, both low and high level, that may be utilized in the classroom. If you believe you have demonstrated proficiency in a variety of technology related uses within a classroom setting, then you may apply for the Instructional Technology Equivalency. If you would like to apply for the equivalency, please click on the link below to review the requirements and submit all required documents to Marisa Messier via email at mmessier@govtraining.com

Technology Equivalency Instructions May 2023