Jail operations and inmate custody serve as one of law enforcement’s most substantial areas of risk, liability, and litigation. This course provides participants with the conceptual knowledge and tangible competencies to meet current challenges of achieving compliance with inmate rights. Understanding such often overlooked or unknown areas of compliance better prepares agencies with a best practices approach to not only recognize how inmates’ rights are violated, but also how to prevent such violations before they occur. The foundation of the course will focus on California Penal Code 4025, Title 15 California Code of Regulations, and the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA).

Course Topics

  • Principles of Inmate Rights
  • Elements of Inmate Rights Programs
  • California Penal Code 4025 Analysis
  • Title 15
  • RLUIPA Analysis and Litigation Assessment

STC Course Certification Number: 08924498
STC Course Certification Hours: 16

Course Fee Information:

Tuition: $235.00