Course Description

The purpose of this symposium is to further develop the instructor skills of the California law enforcement instructor. This symposium is open to ALL California law enforcement trainers. Workshops will be provided in over 15 different areas, with special emphasis on giving the law enforcement trainer skills that they can immediately apply to their role of trainer.

*POST has currently suspended the Instructor Symposium*

Symposium Workshops

A number of different workshop topics will be offered and you will choose five of those workshops to attend during the Symposium. Registration for specific workshops will be online and the link will be sent to all registered participants approximately two weeks prior to the start of the Symposium.

Course Fee Information:

Reimbursement Plan IV: There is no tuition for POST reimbursable agencies. While student travel and per diem reimbursement are normally reimbursable via Letter of Agreement (LOA)  or Training Reimbursement Request (TRR) for this course, POST has temporarily suspended travel reimbursement for all courses, with the exception of classes outlined in POST Bulletin No. 2017-39. This course is not listed as an exempt course.
Non-Reimbursable agencies: There is no tuition and no reimbursement for travel and per diem.