Course Description


GOAL: To provide executive and management training to enhance the knowledge and skills of fire department executivesThis program is an executive development program designed for Division Chiefs, Battalion Chiefs, and Deputy Chiefs who are our future Fire Chiefs. The program will focus on developing those skill sets that are critical to the success and job function of a Fire Chief as a Department Head. The program will use adult, experience-based learning techniques. Students can expect to be actively engaged in all aspects of the learning process. During the program, the small group process will be employed extensively.

The students can expect to conduct research, do interviews and problem solve when confronted with situations that replicate the work place. It is strongly recommended that participants bring a laptop computer to the session as there are a limited number provided at the training site.

 Course content was developed by a Fire Executive Development Committee convened by the San Diego City County Managers Association (CCMA) comprised of:

Rita Geldert, City Manager, Vista
Paul Malone, City Manager, San Marcos Tim Turner, Fire Chief, Cal Fire (ret))
David Ott, City Manager Solana Beach
Ray Patchett, City Manager (ret), Carlsbad Clay Phillips, City Manager, Escondido
Mark Ochenduszko, City Manager, Coronado
Chandra Wallar, General Mgr, Co. of SD Kim Raddatz, Fire Chief, Coronado
Rick Gittings, City Manager (ret), San Marcos Gary Fisher, Fire Chief, Vista Fire Dept. SDRTC Staff

ENROLLMENT:  Applicants must be recommended by their City Manager.  If you are interested in attending the program, submit a request, through your Fire Chief, to the City Manager.  The City Manager’s office will forward the registration to SDRTC.

Course Topics


  • Expectations of a New Chief
  • Human Resource Management
  • Being A-political
  • Navigating the Political Waters
  • Forms of Local Government
  • Succession Management
  • Leadership
  • Legislative Process
  • Communication Protocols
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Ethics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Informing the Community
  • Role Modeling
  • Budget and Finance
  • Environmental Issues
  • Change Management
  • Media Relations
  • Interaction with Peers and Executives
  • Formal & Informal Community Organizations

Course Fee: $2,400.00
per person including materials and assessment instructions.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received more than ten (10) business days prior to the start of the class will not be charged. If payment has already been made, it will be refunded. Cancellations received ten (10) or less business days before the start of the class will be charged at full price. This late cancellation charge compensates RTC for the non-refundable costs incurred prior to the start date of the course.
No Shows: A No Show on the day of the class will result in a full charge for the class.