Officer involved critical incidents are chaotic and emotional events. From the earliest moments to the days weeks and months following, the leadership behaviors of those in command, have a major impact on all their constituencies. The difficult issues that confront executive staff in these situations are pivotal to maintaining strong relationships with employees and the community they serve.

This twenty-four hour course will equip chief executives and command level personnel with the skills to make sense of chaotic circumstances, evaluate options and exercise leadership that demonstrates timely, accurate and effective decisions. Participants will understand how decisions made during these events impact issues of Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice and obtain tools to make the critical connection with community instrumental in effectively navigating these events. While critical incidents may be rare, the impact they have on the wide variety of stakeholders, both internal and external, cannot be overstated. These events change lives and the responsibility of leadership in these situations is paramount.

This highly interactive course will provide commanders and their immediate subordinates with the knowledge and skills to lead during, through and beyond these critical incidents. Commanders will obtain the skills necessary to maintain continuity of service to the public while ensuring employee needs are met and appropriate investigative and community relations action steps are taken.

Course Topics Include:

Adaptive Leadership
Perspective Taking
Sense Making
Police Legitimacy
Procedural Justice
Effective Communication

Additional Information:

Special Pilot Course Offering being held January 17-19, 2017 – This pilot offering is free and travel is reimbursable through POST Letter of Agreement (LOA). POST certification for this pilot course offering is through Special Seminar. This is a one time opportunity.

Regular course offerings are POST Plan IV with a tuition of $449.00.

POST Reimbursable Agencies:  Tuition $449. While student travel and per diem reimbursement are normally reimbursable via Training Reimbursement Request (TRR) for this course, POST has temporarily suspended tuition and travel reimbursement for all POST Plan IV courses, with the exception of contract classes and those outlined in Attachment A of the POST Bulletin No. 2017-01. This course is not listed as an exempt course.

Non-POST Reimbursable Agencies:  Tuition $449. No tuition or travel reimbursement.