While they may bring significant benefits, body cameras raise significant privacy concerns for both the police and the public.  Generating appropriate policies and creating buy-in for a camera program is the only way for this polarizing technology to gain wide acceptance and deliver on the promise of benefiting all. This course is highly interactive, utilizing facilitated discussions, group activities, and a subject matter expert panel discussion to examine the perspectives of various stakeholders in a body worn camera program, and analyze methods to address their concerns. At the end of the course, students will walk away with a framework for policies and best practices which they have created to take back to their home agency.  They will also have a guideline for how to successfully implement a camera program in their community.

Topics Include:

  • Legal Mandates
  • Stakeholder Perspectives
  • Logistical Concerns
  • Privacy Issues
  • Generating Support
  • Program Implementation
  • Camera System Capabilities