Course Description

The pace of modern times, and our current, unprecedented challenges personally and professionally with regard to the Corona Virus, has placed an extraordinary amount of stressors on our body, mind and spirit. The significantly expanded stress we are experiencing can wreak havoc on our minds making us more reactive to anger, fear and sadness. On the physical level, the negative impact on our immune system can be profound, making us more susceptible to illness and disease.  Knowing this, it is critical that our ability to cope is expanded to our fullest potential. In this course, you will experience a number of mindfulness and resiliency best practices to not only help us survive our current circumstances, but thrive.

All wishing to attend this course must register prior to the course starting and have equipment to login via the web. Call ins are not allowed and you are required to have and use a web camera and microphone.

TRAINER: Rodger Ruge

Required Equipment:

  • Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone that allows access to the web training
  • Zoom platform downloaded to your device
  • Web Camera (you are required to have your web camera ON during the meeting)
  • Microphone (you may use the one on your computer or a wireless microphone)
  • Internet (this is an online format and requires internet)

Important Information:

  • To access the training, you must be registered PRIOR to the course starting and have the equipment listed above
  • Meeting login information will be sent one hour prior to class start
  • Call ins are not allowed and students are required to have and use a web camera and microphone during the training

Tuition: $50* – In recognition of the work our first responders are doing, and the pressures on all government personnel at this time, we are waiving the tuition for this course for the June 1st presentation.