Course Description

Workplace bullying is recurring negative and abusive acts that include yelling, silent treatment, aggressiveness, extreme criticism, uber-excessive micromanagement, and spreading rumors. Targets of this behavior experience an array of psychologically damaging consequences such as distress, humiliation, anger, anxiety, discouragement, hopelessness, depression, burnout, and lower job satisfaction.

Of course, this decreases your bottom line – it is estimated that an organization can spend up to $100,000 per bully in turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, low quality work and reduced work product, decreased company loyalty, development of a hostile workplace culture, communication breakdown, bad reputation within the community and industry, and workers compensation and litigation… to name only a few costly damages.

This workshop provides the interpersonal skills needed to develop a positive workplace culture, and addresses negative behaviors from several angles. The workshop will provide information for those who might feel targeted by aggressive co-workers by offering assertiveness skills, and those who might be too aggressive by providing positive communication skills. The workshop also addresses bystanders to the behavior by creating awareness about the importance of standing up for each other. Finally, attendees will agree on a set of ground-rules for treating each other with respect that can be used in a variety of ways.

Course Topics

• Workplace bullying, bullying behaviors, and understand bullying as a social phenomenon
• The damage bullying causes the organization and peers
• The value of a civil and positive workplace for the organization and peers
• Barriers to effective communication
• Listening and hearing
• Providing constructive feedback
• Using assertiveness
• Nonverbal communication
• Ground rules for behaviors

Course Fee: $45

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No Shows: A No Show on the day of the class will result in a full charge for the class.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is currently offered by request only. To host this course at your agency or request a course offering, please contact Michael Gray by email at or by phone at (858) 550-0040.