This course is designed to provide investigators with tools and skills to personally complete courtroom quality presentation diagrams for collision and crime scenes. The course is 24 hours in length and addresses the area of diagramming collision and crimes scenes using both traditional and electronic LASER measuring methods using a computer based diagramming program know as CAD or Computer Aided Diagramming. Students will build diagrams, ranging in simple to complex, as part of the course.

Course Topics

  • Review of Measuring Techniques
  • Computer Aided Diagramming Programs
  • Program Commands
  • Collision Scene Diagramming
  • Baseline, Coordinates & Triangulation
  • Electronic and Coordinate Data Input

Course Prerequisites

Successful completion of the Basic Traffic Collision Investigation Courses, or equivalency, is a pre-requisites to this course. If you have any questions or issues about these prerequisites, please contact the GTA/RTC as soon as possible.

Course Certification Number9070-33602
Course Certification Hours: 24

Course Fee Information:

Tuition: $450.00

Effective February 1, 2020 per POST Bulletin No. 2019-40:

POST Reimbursement Plan IV: Tuition is $375. Travel reimbursement is available via Training Reimbursement Request (TRR).

Non-POST Reimbursable agencies: Tuition is $375. There is no reimbursement for travel and per diem.