Course Description

As budgets and staffing are reduced, an agency’s ability to provide quality customer service becomes all the more challenging. Customers interact with an agency through letters, telephone calls, emails, and in-person. Each time, they form an opinion about that agency. There are simple steps you can take to ensure that those opinions are positive. This course will teach front-line personnel tools to increase customer satisfaction in each mode of communication.

Instructor: Richard Marks

Course Topics

Part I: Introduction

  • What do our customers want? External vs. Internal customer service 
  • Why GREAT service is so important

Part II: Interactive

  • 3 modes of communication
  • Assisting customers in person
  • Techniques for successful telephone interactions
  • Customer-focused emails

Part III: Integration Tools & Techniques

  • Techniques for preventing escalation of anger and frustration
  • Working with an emotional person
  • Teamwork and internal customer service
  • How does social media impact our customers and our customer service?

Part IV: Customer Service Plan and Road Map Designing a Personal Customer Service Plan

Course Fee: $150.00

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No Shows: A No Show on the day of the class will result in a full charge for the class.